Outdoor Fun

Enjoying Nature Together

We can ensure that your pet will have more than enough time outside. It will be hard to stop their tails from wagging with all the fun they’ll be having. Outdoor activities not only provide an opportunity for exercise, but also help to curb bad habits by giving pets a chance to release excess energy and socialize with other animals.

Dog Walking

Exercise and Relief

Our standard dog walk is a half hour walk. This provides much-needed relief for your pup to stretch his or her legs and get some exercise! Mid-day walks, morning walks, or evening walks are all available seven days a week!

Pet Sitting

Slumber party!

We can provide an overnight stay in your own home or late night visit to lessen the stress of travel! We find that dogs or cats who stay in their own homes, in their own beds are much more comfortable while their humans are away on trips.

Dog Hikes

Adventure and exploration

Dogs love to be in a natural environment where they have a chance to explore and sniff around. We take dogs on 1 hour hikes through the Wissahickon either solo or with a small pack (no more than 4). They'll be able to get ample exercise and interaction.  Hikes are weather permitting.

Going away and need someone to come take care of your cat? We do that, too! 

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Dog Walking

Let’s Have Some Fun

Pet Sitting

Professional Experience

Dog Hikes

Going away and need someone to take care of your cat? We do that, too!

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